Bed bugs: The Cimex lectularius parasite may well be hiding in your house

Bed bugs: The Cimex lectularius parasite may well be hiding in your house

Bites alone may not elevate suspicion to a bed bug infestation – in its place, you want to be aware of numerous clues that highlight their existence. What are they?

According to pest command business Rentokil, there are 4 signals of mattress bugs in your dwelling.


The initial matter you want to search out for is “dim or black stains” that could be on the mattress or surrounding spot from mattress bug excreta.

The blood spots will “typically surface in a linear, row-like arrangement”.

They can appear in carpets and underlay, skirting boards, timber floorboards, in cracked or broken plaster and inside electrical sockets and fittings.

These sneaky pests can also conceal in drawers, cabinets, wardrobes, and bedside cupboards.

Wherever where by another person regularly sleeps want to be examined for bed bugs, as they will need uncomplicated obtain to a “blood food” at night time.

In addition, bed bugs are “captivated to human body heat, and carbon dioxide from our breath”.

Well-adapted to journey, mattress bugs could possibly hitchhike a journey into your property pursuing a home furniture invest in from a next-hand or classic shop.

Do inspect any furnishings before taking items property, or get them treated by a pest handle company.

Remaining away in right away lodging – even while at the moment restricted – can distribute bedbugs from the infested place into your have household when you return.

The pests can conceal in clothing and suitcases way too, so they may possibly be introduced in from unsuspecting visitors.

Can mattress bugs be prevented?

Rentokil want to reassure individuals that a bed bug infestation “does not mirror on your standards of cleanliness in any way”.

Prime ideas to reduce an infestation include washing and drying outfits “at the greatest doable temperatures”.

In addition, get rid of clutter from your household to give the bugs much less spots to hide.

Emptying and cleansing the vacuum can also make certain bed bug eggs usually are not transferred to other areas of the household.