CPFUA reminds consumers to defend pipes from freezing

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — The Cape Anxiety Public Utility Authority launched a assertion Saturday, Dec. 26, reminding their shoppers to consider measures to secure plumbing and irrigation methods that can be damaged by a freeze.

WWAY’s meteorologists are forecasting temperatures to dip below freezing for a number of several hours commencing Saturday night time and via Sunday morning.

To assist stop pipes from bursting, CPFUA says that consumers ought to drain drinking water from outdoor plumbing and wrap pipes, or make it possible for a trickle of water to operate by the program. In addition, they ought to also temporarily change off and drain irrigation methods.

Consumers anxious about indoor plumbing can drip faucets and open kitchen area and rest room cupboards to allow for warmer air to flow into all-around pipes.

Freezing temperatures can also injury backflow preventers. All professional enterprise h2o shoppers and houses with irrigation systems have backflow preventers, which retain irrigation h2o from contaminating the public h2o source.

If you have a backflow preventer, guard it with a fiberglass deal with. As an supplemental phase, close the valves and drain drinking water from the assembly. Just make a observe to turn it back on in the spring.