Neil Sperry: Mexican petunia wonderful but invasive | Neighborhood Information

Neil Sperry: Mexican petunia wonderful but invasive | Neighborhood Information

Expensive Reader: Dandelions are easily managed with any broad-leafed weedkiller (made up of 2,4-D). Go through and stick to label instructions meticulously for best success.

You did not mention which pre-emergent you utilized or when you applied it. The just one that functions finest on wide-leafed weeds is Gallery, and for dandelions it ought to be used the previous week of August or the very first week of September.

Frankly, the broad-leafed weedkiller spray is a lot less highly-priced and just as helpful.

Pricey NEIL: My landscaper is wanting to handle my crape myrtles with a systemic insecticide in January. Is this a excellent therapy, and is it really worth the price?

Pricey Reader: Intensive study carried out by Texas A&M College entomologists with the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney has located that application (soil drench) of a systemic insecticide (Imidacloprid) made in mid-May perhaps will do the ideal position of avoiding both equally crape myrtle bark scale and crape myrtle aphids.

This is following several a long time of investigate. I really don’t believe that January would be a superior time to handle.

Pricey NEIL: How far back again can I lower my chrysanthemum plants now that they have totally completed blooming?

Expensive Reader: You can slice the previous stems to in just 1-2 inches of the ground. In performing soil, you’ll observe new shoots coming up from the soil. Those will remain there all winter season, then they’ll develop into the new most important stalks of the crops next calendar year.