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Dear Neil: How deep would edging have to be to halt Mexican petunia from spreading? I noticed it in a garden in Houston previous tumble and truly preferred it, but a number of folks have advised me that it is actually invasive.

Reply: I would approach on a reliable barricade 12 or 14 inches into the soil. Its roots definitely are intense. It is a attractive plant that blooms in shades of blue/purple, pink or white for months in the summer months, but it has acquired that standing for remaining invasive. The dwarf types are gorgeous, much too, but they are seriously dwarf. One more alternative with the regular a person would be to lower the base out of a 20- or 30-gallon plastic nursery pot and sink it flush with the soil in your backyard garden bed. Permit it be the edging. That must keep the roots properly in area. That works on containing mint crops in an herb garden, also.

Expensive Neil: We acquired a home not long ago and are stumped by a fungus gnat infestation. We have definitely no houseplants, nonetheless we have fungus gnats in the dwelling and on the insides of the windows. We have had a pest management operator use an natural and organic remedy without success. We’ve had a plumber glance for leaks and he observed almost nothing. We never know the place to change future. Do you have any tips?

Answer: At the hazard of telling you factors you previously know, fungus gnats live in the eco-friendly “mossy” algal growths that create the place there is consistent dampness. I’m sure that’s why you experienced the plumber glance for leaks.

As a horticulturist, I’m properly trained to glance for improperly draining pots, damp greenhouse flooring and other very similar surfaces.

But in a structural pest variety of scenario you’d want to stick with the qualified pest manage operator or an entomologist with the Texas AgriLife Extension Provider of Texas A&M. It is probable there could be seepage as a result of the roof and into aspect partitions of your house, or it could be from cracks in the foundation or brick or stone veneer. I’m really out of my component. A structural engineer or a definitely very good developing contractor may well be much better ready to suggest you.

For what it is value, a one spray generally will not eliminate fungus gnats simply because they are current in various unique life levels. You may well be ready to get rid of the flying adult gnats, but there would be eggs waiting around to hatch. It normally can take time. And in the procedure, you must uncover the source of the moisture that is providing them a put to establish their house.

Dear Neil: Our garden is inundated with dandelions. We used a pre-emergent, but still we’re covered up. There are as well quite a few to dig. What need to we do?

Answer: Dandelions are conveniently managed with any broadleafed weedkiller (that contains 2,4-D). Examine and adhere to label instructions meticulously for greatest outcomes. You did not point out which pre-emergent you utilised or when you used it. The a person that operates best on broadleafed weeds is Gallery, and for dandelions it need to be used the last 7 days of August or the initially week of September.

Frankly, the broadleafed weedkiller spray is considerably less high priced and just as powerful.

Expensive Neil: My landscaper is wanting to take care of my crape myrtles with a systemic insecticide in January. Is this a superior cure and is it really worth the price?

Reply: Comprehensive analysis performed by Texas A&M College entomologists with the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney has found that software (soil drench) of a systemic insecticide (Imidacloprid) produced in mid-May will do the best career of protecting against each crape myrtle bark scale and crape myrtle aphids. (https://crapemyrtletrails.org/basic-care/#pest-manage) This is subsequent several yrs of investigate. I really don’t feel that January would be a superior time to handle.

Pricey Neil: How far back can I reduce my chrysanthemum vegetation now that they have fully concluded blooming?

Answer: You can cut the aged stems to within 1-2 inches of the floor. In accomplishing soil, you will observe new shoots coming up from the soil. These will keep there all winter, then they’ll develop into the new main stalks of the vegetation following year. You’ll want to pinch out their expanding strategies in April or early May possibly to motivate side branching. That will retain the crops compact and comprehensive.Dear Neil: What would be digging holes in my lawn at this time of 12 months? Would it be going after grub worms? Ought to I deal with for them?

Remedy: It is way too awesome for armadillos to be digging, so my guess would be that you have both possums or raccoons. They will depart wedge-formed holes a minor broader than a hotdog. White grub worms have almost certainly completed all of their feeding for this generation so treating isn’t value the price tag and the energy. I suspect your visitor will transfer on to other locations.— Have a problem for Neil? Mail it to him in care of this newspaper or e-mail him at [email protected] Neil regrets that he cannot reply to inquiries individually.

— Have a query for Neil? Mail it to him in treatment of this newspaper or e-mail him at [email protected] Neil regrets that he simply cannot reply to queries separately.