What You Need to Know About Exotic Animal Skin Rugs

What You Need to Know About Exotic Animal Skin Rugs

Animal skin rugs add a touch of class to any space. They are an interior decor investment that will serve you for years. Examples of exotic animal skin rugs you can find at Hide Rugs are springbok, goatskin, and blesbok hide rugs. However, before you rush out to spend thousands of dollars on an exotic animal skin rug, you should know some things about them, including: 

Know Where to Buy

Due to the value of exotic animal skin rugs, you will find many knockoffs out there, which is why where you buy one is vital. You should always check the reputation of where you plan to buy an animal skin rug. Check online reviews and speak to previous customers personally. Even better, see and touch the rugs yourself. 

It can be challenging to distinguish between fake and natural exotic animal skin rugs. Only experience and knowledge can help you make the right choice. Take your time and do your due diligence to find somewhere you trust.


An exotic animal skin rug is a significant investment often worth thousands of dollars. If you want to retain the rug’s value, you should take proper care of it. Maintenance is essential, so you will have to learn how to take care of the exotic rug. 

Exotic rugs require more care than regular rugs. You should air, vacuum, and comb exotic animal skin rugs. Ensure you have the right procedure for cleaning liquid spills to preserve the rug. With proper maintenance, the exotic animal skin rug will decorate your home for a long time.  

Placement Is Key

Where you place your exotic rug is essential if you want to protect its value. Therefore, it is a bad idea to buy a full-room exotic animal skin rug as you cannot choose its placement. It should be in an area with little foot traffic, like your home office or den. 

You should not place an exotic animal skin rug under the table where people will constantly step on it, food and drink will spill, and more. Places where people smoke and drop ashes are also bad locations. Exotic animal skin rugs can be difficult to clean even with soap and water, so you should treasure them and keep them far from harm by placing them in the right place. 

Know What to Look For

In addition to knowing where to buy exotic animal skin rugs, you should know what to look for to get a high-quality rug. Not all exotic rugs are made equal and there can be a substantial difference in quality. First, you should ensure that it is hand-made and not a generic machine-made rug. 

You should also check the density of the rug to ensure the hairs are dense and lofty. They should feel consistent and have a uniform, rich color. Look for signs of dyes or synthetic coloring on the rug. 

Choosing an exotic animal skin rug is easier said than done. If you know the points above, you should choose a real exotic rug. Visit Hide Rugs for exotic animal skin rugs to add sophistication to your home or office.